Frederick Banting's Skateboard Production 
and Urban Arts SHSM

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About our Skateboard SHSM

Frederick Banting is offering the first Alternate Arts and Culture SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major). The Skateboard Production and Urban Arts SHSM will give students an opportunity to earn 8 credits over 2 years. Students will graduate with a SHSM certificate that prepares students for their future.
The Skateboard and Urban Arts SHSM will give students a very unique opportunity at participating in collaborative, hands-on, product-based projects that are fun and engaging. Projects will include painting a mural, designing and making a t-shirt, lino printing, graffiti writing, and producing a skateboard deck or longboard.
In addition to these hands-on projects student will learn about entrepreneurship. Business owners will share their knowledge and experience with students to give them an idea about self-employment and how to utilize their talents for their future. Co-op placements in skate shops and art galleries will give students a first-hand look at how a business operates.
Students will also receive certification in First Aid, CPR, WHIMIS, Portfolio development, customer service and specialized training in an art technique by a visiting artist.

See Mary, Peter, or Alison to sign up!!

Collaborative Project with Girls+Skate613 and WayBad

pic1       pic2

The 2018 SHSM team had the opportunity to work with skateboard artist Ben Jensen @WayBad on a collaborative board for the Girls+Skate613 group. Students worked with Ben to come up with the awesome design, pictured above, and the Girls+Skate613 group loved the final design. The design then went to Jamie MacLennan & Eric Chamois of @printfini, and they produced the artwork and screen printed it onto blank board panels. Once the screen printing was done, the students pressed the boards and finished them, ready for presentation to the Girls+Skate613 group.
The 2018 SHSM team presented the boards to Girls+Skate613 on June 15th, and we hope to launch the boards at an event: Charlie Bowins' skate park, on July 22nd, starting at 6 pm (Gladstone & Bronson). 

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